Our kids love their house!  The first thing they do when a new friend comes over is give them the "tour".   From their loft playrooms, to the metal bridge and the soaring ceilings, they are incredibly proud of their home and can articulate the details and uniqueness that make our house special.  We spent a lot of time working with Doug to design their "space" and we are so happy when we see them using and living in the areas we created.  We allowed them to be involved in the decision making process for their space - allowing them to choose paint colors, light fixtures and materials for their rooms and bathrooms.  There is a playfulness that shines through and Doug's unique design creates an atmosphere that is fun and inviting.  

We were very interested in building a home that was both healthy for our family and the environment. 

Doug is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to environmental options and ideas.  Some are more expensive and a few were not feasible within our budget, but we worked together to hone in on the ones that were the most important to us.