Walter Van Riel, San Francisco

Walter Van Riel, San Francisco

“DJ’s patience, detail orientation, professionalism and mastery of modern architecture combined with his deep knowledge of sustainable and general building construction will definitely result in a wonderful experience leading to a desirable outcome for your architectural design and construction."  --Walter Van Riel, Residential and Commercial Client


Simply put, we love our home!  We were not interested in a cookie-cutter, run of the mill design.  We wanted to create something that was unique and expressed our personalities.

We frequently have people tell us that our house is more like a work of art - it takes time to really absorb all of the special details and craftsmanship.  We love that Doug's design was functional, efficient and artistic all at the same time.   His knowledge of and attention to things like sun patterns and exposure played a big role in the design - our house doesn't just look great, it is great to live in.

Doug's approach to design and his high standards are commendable and not easily quantified.  His ability to meld his artistic eye with practical design is unique and shines through in our house.  We were guided in choosing and sourcing materials that matched quality to our budget.   Nothing in our house feels cheap or light weight - there is a sense of quality and substance that pervades the experience of living here and we believe that feeling comes from the quality of materials used, the well-thought out and unique design and the high quality of craftsmanship that Doug insisted upon.  --Kaye Jacuzzi, Residential Client, Orinda, CA