Walter Van Riel, Commercial and Residential Client, San Francisco, CA

Van Riel more...."When I embarked on a project adding a legal income producing studio unit to my house in San Francisco, I soon realized I was way over my head.  DJ and I both had children in the same preschool and it was there where we connected.   “What you are doing is like building a little house underneath your house”, he smiled.  So I hired DJ and he not only helped me tremendously with this project, but we became good friends in the process. 

I was constantly awed by DJ’s amazing working knowledge of architecture and construction.  He is one of the rare architects that possess the knowledge and experience to build with his own hands everything he designs.  Most architects only know architecture, which often leads to designs that are hard of difficult to implement, possibly leading to expensive reworks later on.  Through DJ’s efforts, my studio is a gem and my tenants love it.

DJ also made the plans for my wife’s new pediatric clinic in the Tanforan Mall.  This was a very challenging project, since time was of the essence and we as new clinic owners had very little experience to guide him.  It all worked out very well and the smart dual corridor design he came up with has been very effective allowing us to see many patients efficiently at this facility.

DJ’s personal strengths are his patience, fairness, listening skills, creativity, and attention to detail.   He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him for your project." --Walter Van Riel, Residential and Commercial Client